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Mission Jazz New Years Artist Advance 2018

Santa Barbara, California

December 28, 2017 to January 2, 2018

Advance Your Fearless Journey

After my hiatus to write my book, Talking Through A Concrete Wall, I am so happy to announce that I am offering a one-week Mission Jazz New Year Advance to celebrate the end of this year of historic changes.  Here in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, you will have a chance to step back and reflect, ponder and work with your colleagues and me on breaking through your own artistic challenges.

Please apply early to allow the most flexibility for me to build this year's event and make the most of the opportunities and talents that present themselves. While Mission Jazz is a music composition program, it is not average, ordinary or anything that you would expect from a traditional school that teaches music.  Jazz is the discipline of living as a free person.  Mission Jazz is the study of the hospitality required to live in this world as an individual who is responsible for self governance and expression.  We welcome artists of all portable mediums who are ready to be challenged to their highest level.  Who's ready to humble?  Let's start the new year right!

Love, Doña Winnie

It's all love... Mission Jazz is ALL LOVE.