Mentor in Residence

Kendrick Scott

Guest Artists 

Luis Conte

Ganavya Doraiswamy

Jacopo Giacopuzzi

Jack Sheehan, alto sax

Lito Hernandez, tenor sax

Harry Swalley, trumpet

Charles Overton, harp

Amy Rowe, piano

Kyungmin Kim, drums

Jalon Archie, drums

Elena Bonomo, drums

Rodney Dominick, drums

Max Ridley, bass

Victor Murillo, bass

El Nido de La Doña - SB, CA

Winter 2015

It's all love... Mission Jazz is ALL LOVE.

I imagine that every musician haven would be something like this: it would be a place where you are surrounded by beauty and inspiration, artists to interact with, and where the only objective is to learn and compose wonderful music. This is what Mission Jazz gives its artist.​

Ganavya Doraiswamy, M. Mus. M.A., vocals 

Post-Graduate Fellowship Awardee

Berklee College of Music

PhD studentEthnomusicology, UCLA

The two week artist advance that Mission Jazz offers is like no other offered in the world. From innovative master classes, one on ones with the pros, impromptu group composing workshops, jam sessions, culinary classes, business lessons, to the bonds that are forged in friendship, Mission Jazz is complete game changer. 

Amy Rowe, piano

BA Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

MA Asuza Pacific University 

Mission Jazz is a raw experience that fosters our creativity, challenges our abilities, and faces us with the realities of being a musician. I love how the organic growth of the music and our friendships evolved over the two weeks; as our kindred spirits joined, our music and musical senses were uplifted. Through our own journeys were all reminded why we are serving the music.

Lito Hernandez, tenor saxophone
BA Berklee College of Music
Masters Studies - Berklee Valencia