One of the things that I was struck by over the course of this whole week was how everything was integrated and it wasn't like, "this class is about what we're studying; and over here to play; and over here to do this..."  It was all sort of an interweaving stew of activity where one thing dovetailed to the next which I think is great.  I think it was awesome in that it wasn't in a traditional school environment with practice rooms and ensemble rooms where music happens at school and life is the thing that happens outside of school.  This was about how the two go together, not only about playing or what communication through writing means but how that integrates with setting your life up so that you can do those things - which is information that I don't know where or what other music school is doing that in any way, shape or from.  Probably not any... at this point.

Rancho San Roque, Santa Barbara, CA

Winter 2014

It's all love... Mission Jazz is ALL LOVE.

Bob Reynolds, tenor saxophone

John Mayer Band

Snarky Puppy

Mentor in Residence

Bob Reynolds

​​Guest Artists:

Luis Conte

Efrain Toro

Julian Dessler, trumpet

Harry Swalley, trumpet

Ramsey Castaneda, tenor saxophone

Lito Hernandez, saxophones

Kyle MacDonald, guitar

Keelan Dimick, piano

Marika Galea, bass
Noam Israeli, drums

Miguel Leon, percussion