Ada Pasternak, vioin, voice

Songyi Jeon, voice

Mercedes Beckman, saxophones

Clay Lyons, alto sax

Lito Hernandez, tenor sax

Juilan Dessler, trumpet

Harry Swalley, trumpet

Leandro Pellegrino, guitar

Keelan Dimick, piano

Marika Galea, bass

Jonathan Chapman, bass

Anthony Fung, drums

Miguel Leon, percussion

My experience at the two week, Mission Jazz Workshops in Santa Fe and Santa Barbara with Winnie Swalley were unlike any other musical opportunities I've had. I collaborated with top musicians from around the globe composing and performing exciting and innovative music at the hippest venues. Aside from the aurally-titillating music and stimulating classes, the hang was always "one for the books".

Keelan Dimick, piano

BA Manhattan School of Music

Masters Studies at Cal Arts

It's all love... Mission Jazz is ALL LOVE.

Walter Smith lll

   Mentor in Residence

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Summer 2013