25 oz Aluminum Water Bottle with clip.   Lightweight and durable construction, BPA free.


Give a gift to an accepted participant in the Mission Jazz Artist Advance directly!

Based on the popular crowdfunding model,  you can give a gift certificate to any member of the Fellowship of The Swing to apply towards their program costs.  By contributing to their studies at Mission Jazz, you will be a part of their journey forever.

Mission Jazz is capitalistic based, for-profit business.  We do not offer scholarships and we may not accept donations.   But, just like crowdfunding, if you make a gift to our very deserving participants, we will give you our thanks and gifts of our very groovy logo merchandise!  

It might not get you a tax-deduction but 100% of your gift goes directly to the student!   Please use the dropdown menu and choose the amount that's best for you!  

The gifting levels:

$100  • Keychain of Joy

$250  • Mission Jazz Blue TShirt and Water Bottle 

             (plus the above gift)

$750  • Western Copper Hoodie and Duffle Bag.

             (plus all above gifts)

$1500 • Embroidered Fleece Pullover and Travel Kit

             (plus all above gifts)

Hoodie in Western Copper.  Available in Youth Sizes to 3XL.  $35.00

Travel Kit


100% pre-shrunk cotton TShirt in stunning Mission Jazz Blue.   Youth Sizes to 3XL.  $18.00

Embroidered Fleece Pullover Jacket in Dark Winter Gray.  Available in Adult Sizes.  $85.00

It's all love... Mission Jazz is ALL LOVE.

Small duffle bag.  Black.  $25.00